90-metre Project Cosmos revealed

The yacht is a collaboration between Luis de Basto and Oceanco


The 90-metre

Project Cosmos has a large glass dome covering the top deck, of a style and scale not seen before in the superyacht industry.

“The motivation behind Project Cosmos was to create a yacht where we could be in touch with Nature and enjoy our surroundings yet still be in a totally controlled environment,” says the company.

The top deck, known as the Sky Deck on Project Cosmos, is entirely covered by the glass dome, providing a space that can be used in all climates and weather conditions without obstructing the views. ‘This provides an interesting tension between being adventurous and being safe,” says Luiz DeBasto. “The glass dome, while it looks simple, is extremely complex in order to comply with all the regulations.” The glass is UV protected and can be dimmed and colour tinted to suit the scenario.

The engineering of the structure was done in-house by Oceanco to determine its feasibility. The glass dome gives the top deck a flexibility that traditional sundecks lack, being very weather dependent. On the inside, the space is open plan and sociable. From the outside, the dome gives the yacht a sleek, aerodynamic look.