SKIATHOS Island: Why Visit Featured

Skiathos is one of the most beautiful greek islands and therefore one of the most popular. Despite its small size, it has more than 60 marvelous sandy beaches. Three of them (Koukounaries, Lalaria and Tsougria islet) are classified among the best in Europe!  
It attracts numerous foreign tourists (more than Greeks) and therefore has well-organized facilities.
Its southern part has many hotels, restaurants, bars and is usually overcrowded. However the northern part is a marvelous unspoiled pine forest, ending to several excellent, less crowded, sandy beaches.  Skiathos Town is the only port and actually the only village of the island. It is usually crowded and has many wonderful night clubs and bars offering wild night life. There, you may also find a variety of excellent restaurants, tavernas, cafes and shops. The "Old Port" (opposite the new port) is one of the most picturesque places in Skiathos where you may enjoy a drink or a meal, viewing the traditional fishing boats.


- Skiathos port is the only place to moor and is located in a quite well protected bay in the southern coast. It has enough mooring places (with facilities), but in the high season is a bit hard - but not impossible - to find one. It is located right in the town, and all shops and life are found in a walking distance.   
- Weather is calm (however moisty) and less windy compared to the southern Aegean Sea.
- There are many beautiful islands at a close distance, offering excellent options for memorable tours. The cute Arkos islet is only half a mile south from the port. The exotic beach in Tsougria islet is a little further, offering golden sand and transparent emerald waters. Only 7 miles form the port is the magic west coast of Skopelos island with the unbelievably transparent turquoise waters ("Mama Mia" beach etc). A bit further you will find the beautiful Alonissos and the other uninhabited islands, which are close enough, even for day cruises if you have a fast boat.
- Ideal for smaller boats and ribs, since distances are small, weather is quite calm, beaches are shallow and "open".
- Despite the lack of "protected" bays, the southern coast is quite calm and many boats anchor in front of the long and quite open sandy beaches. However, swell may appear at any time.

-    The whole island is actually surrounded by "open" shallow sandy beaches and does not have "closed" bays suitable for safe anchoring.
- Despite its numerous marvelous beaches, visiting them by a bigger boat is not very convenient (as already described). The southern beaches - which are usually calmer- are open, sandy, shallow and crowded, therefore not ideal for yachters.  Northern beaches (which are less crowded and more beautiful) are often exposed to the prevailing "meltemi" wind.     
-    Often rainy and moisty, even in the summer
-    Small island, therefore does not offer a variety of places to visit (besides the numerous beaches, forests, clubs and restaurants), compared to larger ones.
-    It is worth having a tour with a car to enjoy the tour in the marvelous pine forest and the wonderful beaches and beach bars which you may not be able to access by your boat. (Having to use a car to enjoy a destination is usually a "pro" for yachters)
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