Daily Cruises in Crete

Daily Cruises in Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece and it holds plenty of adventure for the traveler that comes to explore the Island. Charter a yacht and explore all of the ports of Crete and all of the traditions and history that come with it. The sun is exquisite on this Island and it is a favorite stop among many who rent a yacht and sail in Greece.

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Crete has so much to offer that you will want to rent a yacht for at least a week just so that you can take in all of the sights and explore the different points of the Island. There are fantastic Museums, mountains to climb, and valleys to explore and the best way to manage to see everything is by booking a yacht and sail through the magnificent hidden corners of the island.

Crete was home to a very important civilization; the Minoans, they ruled the eastern Mediterranean from 2800 - 1150 BC. The art from those ancient times tells the tale of a sophisticated and peace loving culture. The people remain much the same today as they are a peace loving culture.

With a yacht you can go and enjoy the day or the evening on the Island of Crete, and not worry about booking a hotel room; you can just return to your rented yacht. You can choose to stay in one port a few days and another just one day if you so choose.

The Mediterranean Sea is beautiful no matter where you charter a luxury motor or sailing yacht. You can have long romantic nights on the yacht, and adventure filled days on the island. You can enjoy the nightlife and sleep in on the yacht the next day, no check out times. If you hire a skippered boat you will have even more relaxing time.

You can rent a boat with your loved one, and sail the sea at night and enjoy the beautiful night sky, which is great for a honeymoon couple. It is a romantic setting for any couple. During the day you can go to the markets and check out the local fare. The fresh fruits are abundant here.

The ruins are a sight to see and date back to ancient times. The restaurants offer the best in Greek cuisine, and also a touch of home for those with a more selective palette. The nightlife will allow you to dance and enjoy the locals as well as other tourists. One is definite, you will not lack for things to do when you charter a yacht to cruise Crete. Rent the perfect boat for trip by contacting our team of experts!