Bahamian Bliss: Plan Your Perfect Superyacht Charter

Grand Bahama

As the northernmost island, Grand Bahama is an ideal first stop-off for your superyacht charter in the Bahamas. Brimming with rich history and character, Grand Bahama is divided into three distinct yet charming areas – East End, Freeport and West End. Home to the Old Bahama Bay Resort & Yacht Harbour, Freeport’s stunning marina facilities are second-to-none, boasting 72 slips and world class services to its users and guests. For those seeking to experience nature first-hand, the island is home to no less than three exquisite national parks, perfectly preserving a sense of untouched tranquillity in this popular superyacht destination.

San Salvador

A charter in the Bahamas is not complete without a visit to San Salvador, an island steeped in history since it became the first in the New World to be discovered by Christopher Colombus. San Salvador is the epitome of picturesque; with its stretches of white sandy beaches, glittering salt water lagoons and lush, rolling hills, it may come as a surprise that this haven is virtually unspoiled by human touch. For those looking to escape the noise of civilisation and truly submerge themselves into a Bahamian paradise, San Salvador offers an unrivalled island getaway.


After relaxing in San Salvador, some may choose to steer their charter to slightly busier shores for a taste of island life. As the capital of the Bahamas, the city of Nassau on New Providence Island promises a stay shrouded in history, charm and character. For the more adventurous charterers, Nassau is a world hotspot for shark diving, as its seas are home to families of tigers, hammerheads and reef sharks. Alternatively, the capital has no shortage of charming bars, golf and tennis clubs, spas and fine restaurants each offering their own unique taste of island luxury.