SuperYachtsMonaco on Stability Amidst Uncertainty

More than any other, the travel industry has taken an undeniably large hit as a result of the actions taken in precaution to the spread of the Coronavirus around the world, and very few within the industry remain unaffected by such.

The timing of the coronavirus outbreak is far from opportune however, and there is even a good portion of stubborn holiday-goers who will consider undertaking the major health and safety risks for the sake of enjoying their summer holidays – perhaps understandably.

For those families fortunate enough to consider a superyacht charter this summer, Jim Evans, Managign Director of SuperYachtsMonaco, affirmed that in fact the brokerage has seen ‘an increased demand that has surprised us’ as high net worth individuals appreciate and opt for the privacy, security and safety of a superyacht charter now more than ever.

Amidst mass cancellations within the travel industry, as holiday-goers opt to avoid the confined spaces and unregulated movement inherently entailed within commercial jet travel, a superyacht charter offers more than a few advantages.

Security agents and personal physicians are just a few of the options to consider to uphold personal health and safety during a charter, while measures to control the environment are considered as standard – for example deliveries only ever being brought onboard by the permanent crew. This is not to mention personal hygiene and the upkeep of the vessel ranking as the highest of the crew’s priorities, assuring that a superyacht charter always offers the most controlled environment while its guests are left free to enjoy the experience without any such concern.

The freedom and mobility of a superyacht charter has always been one of its most desirable points of appeal; in the current climate, this freedom of selection has never been such a high priority. Jim reported, “We are seeing clients requesting charter itineraries that start in countries with only a low incidence of the Coronavirus such as Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. Clearly there is some reluctance to engage with Italy at the moment.”

Jim also commented on an increase in requests to far-flung destinations – the likes of Norway, Greenland and Iceland, whose low population and untouched shores have attracted attention in recent years regardless, with the undeniable surge in explorer yachting.

“We are monitoring trends day by day but would not be surprised to see charters occurring in more unusual places which are off the beaten track and further removed from busy areas,” Jim commented.

For those determined to keep their summer plans firmly in place, the benefits of a superyacht charter are somewhat irresistible. With ultimate choice in destination at your whim, booking your charter with brokerage firms such as SuperYachtsMonaco comes complete with the best possible advice on the current situation, as well as a full range of yacht and destination options to enjoy in the coming months.