The Latest on Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco

Q. First of all, as of this week, can you confirm which countries and areas are open for superyacht charter?

A. Croatia is fully open to foreign yachts and charterers and Italy will be open to foreign travellers from 3rd June. France, Spain and Greece are already open to nationals and European travellers from 15th June.

Q. What can charter guests expect in terms of precautionary procedures if looking to charter in these areas this summer?

A. Most bars, restaurants and attractions are likely to be open, however social distancing measures and sanitary precautions will still be enforced. We may see a change in the vibe at beach clubs and restaurants, which is a bonus for some clients who like a more private atmosphere and an interesting new challenge for proprietors who usually attract the party crowd.

For yachts however, it could mean guests will spend more time on board and look for additional services and entertainment on board, such as private concerts, famous chef guest appearances or a greater focus on sports and cruising new areas of coastline.

Q. What extra measures would you recommend to people looking to charter a superyacht this summer?

A. Keep up to date on travel advice, ask about the latest cancellation policies and above all be ready to enjoy more time on board the yacht. Make the most of the service and activities the yacht offers, enjoy the scenery and be prepared for limitations on shore and endless fun on board.

Q. Finally, what are your predictions for how things might open up in the months to come?

A. Most governments are working on a step-by-step basis, opening up slowly and trailing things over a few weeks and then moving forward. If the current success in following this plan continues we would expect a shifted season with the majority of charters taking place in August, September and even October and we are optimistic that the Christmas holidays will be more popular than ever.

SuperyachtsMonaco boasts an admirable charter fleet available for summer cruising in the Mediterranean as it begins to open up, including the likes of 51m Heesen masterpiece Irisha, or the head-turning golden girl 49m Khalilah.