Top New Year Charter Destinations

Caribbean Charm in Antigua

Just as the West Med is for the summer, the Caribbean is the quintessential superyacht destination for winter charters. Within the Leeward Islands, Antigua & Barbuda offers a breath-taking tropical paradise where guests can indulge in the luxury of their superyacht in complete serenity.

Though the Antigua Charter was cancelled earlier in December, the charter season is well and truly alive.

With 365 different stretches of beach, you can discover a new natural treasure every day in Antigua. Bone white sands and glistening turquoise waters make this one of the most sublime settings to enjoy outdoor yachting escapades, while the vibrant culture will heighten your sense of escapism.

From the bustling capital city of St John’s and the rich maritime history of the English Harbour to the thrilling dive sites and cruising grounds, Antigua is a destination full of adventures for luxury superyacht charters.

Find out more about unique experiences in Antigua by watching the SY Original Documentary Antigua & Barbuda InDepth.

Mediterranean Sophistication in Montenegro

Montenegro is a superyacht destination famed for its pristine natural beauty and charming culture. With a great diversity of World Heritage sites and glistening islands that float against mountainous landscapes, Montenegro is perfect for authentic yachting adventures.

Charters in Montenegro will expose guests to the ancient charm of the picturesque port of Kotor, where magical landmarks such as Our Lady of the Rocks wait to be discovered. This is a region with a rich nautical heritage, which now hosts modern marina facilities well-frequented by the world’s superyacht fleet. Daytime discoveries soon turn to modern nightlife delights, with an enviable calendar of events all year round and plenty of headline entertainment in this glittering hub of waterside sophistication.

Above all else, Montenegro is about discovering the mesmerising natural treasures while indulging in the luxury of your superyacht. Whether hiking its striking grey mountains, heading to ski resorts or island hopping in the magnificent cruising grounds, Montenegro is brimming with wonderful experiences to share with friends and family.

Tropical Indulgence in the Maldives

As early as October, restrictions were lifted in the Maldives for foreign-flagged vessels and the paradisiacal archipelago is a dream charter destination.

Notably, 85m superyacht Bold is has been stationed in the Maldives to charter over Christmas and New Year’s, and she is just one of the many superyachts who recognise the fantastic cruising potential in this region.

The Maldives boasts unrivalled, luxury, famed for its opulent over-water villas and incredible service, while the exclusivity of this destination fits hand in hand with private superyacht charters. With close to 1,200 islands to explore and a seemingly endless stream of soft white beaches, the Maldives is both adventurous and indulgent, and certainly one for the escapists.

Some of the world’s best dive and snorkel sites can be found in the crystalline Maldivian waters, with an array of fascinating underwater experiences and encounters with rare sea life. Whether you wish for an action-packed or relaxing superyacht charter itinerary, the Maldives will have you feeling as though you are in your own hedonistic world, detached from everything else.